About Me

Kenyatta Robinson

My interest in BBQ was sparked while listening to my father-in-law talk about how he would slow smoke his ribs for 7 or 8 hours to make fall off the bone tender. His ribs were better than any that I had ever tasted at a BBQ joint and it made me want to learn how to smoke my own.

In 2015, I purchased my first smoker – a Weber Smokey Mountain. Using it taught me lessons about the correlation of fire management to good smoke flavored food and it fed my passion for BBQ.

I started the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ channel on YouTube in 2018 to encourage and support the growing community of backyard barbeque enthusiasts. As I learned, I began to share my BBQ journey, cooking techniques and recipes with my viewers. I added a stick burner, drum smokers, kettles, a pellet grill, a flattop and a fryer to my outdoor cooking space.

In 2022 I started a podcast to conduct deeper discussions about BBQ with guests who are also passionate about BBQ and with my followers.

BBQ not only provides me with a sense of joy and accomplishment, it also serves as a way for me to express my love for the people that I care about.

Hopefully you will see something on the website, YouTube channel or hear something on the podcast that will inspire you to give outdoor BBQ a try.