In this special Memorial Day weekend episode of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ Podcast, we dive into the world of vegan barbecue with Paul from Paul's Grill. Host Kenyatta Robinson and Paul discuss grilling vegetables, vegan options, and the challenges of catering to a vegan audience. Paul shares his experiences and tips for preparing delicious vegan dishes on the grill and smoker. They also touch on the importance of Memorial Day and its historical significance. Tune in for a mix of barbecue insights and holiday reflections!

00:00 Introduction and Memorial Day Greetings

00:24 Special Guest: Paul from Paul's Grill

02:03 Discussing Vegan Barbecue 05:05 Challenges and Techniques for Vegan Barbecue

07:43 Live Q&A and Audience Interaction

09:27 Experimenting with Vegan Recipes

20:12 Growing Business and Future Plans

26:44 Inviting Locals to Join the BBQ 27:05 Discussing the BBQ Schedule

27:22 Managing the BBQ Solo

28:14 Incorporating Vegan Options

31:19 Grilling Tips and Recommendations

41:58 Experimenting with Sauces and Rubs 47:59 Final Thoughts and Community Spirit

50:23 Memorial Day Reflections