🔥The Z Grills Backyard Warrior packs a ton of value🔥 Today I’m thrilled to share my first impressions and burn-in review of the Z Grills Backyard Warrior, the 7002C2E model. This mid-level grill offers incredible value, blending traditional design with modern tech, including WiFi connectivity and a hefty 28 lb hopper. With a capability to hit 450°F for grilling and a smoke setting for those low and slow cooks, this grill might just be your new outdoor cooking champion. Watch now to see the Z Grills Backyard Warrior in action as I take it through its paces, from assembly to seasoning, and share my thoughts on its performance compared to my trusty MAK One Star General.

🛠Featured Product: Z Grills Backyard Warrior Pellet Grill

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