In a comprehensive episode of the Backyard Smokemaster BBQ Podcast, host Kenyatta Robinson and guest Mike from Bones BBQ explore the rich culture and technical aspects of barbecue. They discuss everything from the challenges of fire management and the nuances of meat smoking to the community and passion that define the barbecue world. Mike shares insights from his own journey in BBQ catering, including the importance of wood and meat selection, as well as the impact of long hours and pricing strategies. The episode emphasizes the communal enjoyment of barbecue and concludes with expressions of gratitude towards guests, listeners, and contributors, inviting further engagement with future discussions on grilling and smoking. Available on YouTube and various audio platforms, this episode serves as a valuable resource for both experienced pitmasters and those new to the scene, highlighting the blend of skill and community central to barbecue culture.

00:00 Welcome to the Backyard Smokemaster BBQ Podcast

00:11 Technical Difficulties and Introducing Mike from Bones BBQ

00:56 Discovering Connections Through BBQ

02:22 Mike’s BBQ Journey and Catering Ventures

04:15 Specializing in Tri Tip and Exploring BBQ Styles

05:20 Comparing Central Texas and California BBQ

09:47 The Art of Choosing and Using Wood for BBQ

21:39 Exploring BBQ Rubs, Sauces, and Cooking Styles

28:11 The BBQ Community: Sharing Knowledge and Experiences

29:56 Creative BBQ: Freestyle Cooking and Experimentation

35:10 The Importance of Sides in BBQ and Personal Preferences

37:59 The Value of a BBQ Community

38:54 Personal Updates and the Support of Family

39:43 Elevating BBQ Enthusiasts and Sharing Stories

44:53 The Journey of a BBQ Side Hustle

52:49 Exploring BBQ Techniques and Equipment

01:01:12 The Art of BBQ Without Sauce

01:09:55 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude