After watching my unboxing & review video of the Kamado Joe Slo Roller accessory, one of my viewers asked whether the Slo Roller would fit inside of my Weber Summit Kamado. I never considered using the Slo Roller with the Summit Kamado and to be perfectly honest, I had not cooked on my Kamado Joe since I made that video. The Summit Kamado is so easy and efficient to use that I rarely think about cooking on anything else (unless it's my Lone Star Grillz 20×42, PK 360, MAK 1 Star or one of my drum smokers) LOL.

Watch this video to find out if the Slo Roller is compatible with the Summit Kamado. Also watch to to see my recipe for Buttermilk Barbecue Smoked Chicken! We usually think about putting chicken into a buttermilk marinade for fried chicken but it's also excellent for barbecue smoked chicken!