This week’s guest is Joe Silva of Q Bellies BBQ.  Joe is a BBQ caterer in San Bernardino County (Southern CA) and his Instagram page (@qbelliesbbq is full of amazing  photos, video clips and recipes of amazing food. I was blown away by his creations where repurposes BBQ from prior cooks and turns them into amazing food creations. Do yourself a favor and check out his page.

Joe and I discussed a wide range of topics including:

– Char-Griller Offsets & Smokers (Joe is a brand ambassador)

– The challenges and joys of cooking with stick burners

– PopUp BBQs

– Ideas for left over BBQ

-Asian/Fusion BBQ

– Advice for Beginners in BBQ

– The Weber Smokey Joe as a great option for beginners

– The SearPro Torch fire starter 

If you’re in Southern CA, be on the lookout for one of Joe’s food pop-ups, you won’t be disappointed!

Get a jumpstart on your new BBQ journey! Visit and I will share a short video that explains the 5 things that you SHOULD NOT DO when barbecuing. It will make learning how to BBQ much easier!

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