Kenyatta joins Mommy Lala, who lives in the Philippines, on her Mommy Guide, Inc. show to discuss the important things to consider when getting started with barbecue including:

  • What sparked Kenyatta’s interest in learning how to barbecue
  • The event that led to the formation of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ channel on YouTube
  • Is there a difference between a “grill” and a “smoker”?
  • The temperature difference between “smoking” and “grilling”
  • How cooking barbecue is similar to cooking inside with an oven or stovetop
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different rubs, seasonings and marinades
  • Why it is important to learn how to control the temperature of your grill or smoker
  • Why it is important to prepare for your cook in advance
  • What is a rub?
  • Safety considerations
  • Why everyone needs an instant read thermometer
  • Why letting your food “rest” is important
  • Be patient with the barbecue process and with yourself and take notes about what happened during the cook

Kenyatta also talked Lala through the process for smoking a turkey breast which can be a great alternative to smoking a whole turkey for the holidays.

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