My friend Johnny, @smokeycue on Instagram, joined the podcast and we talked about the many wonderful opportunities for fellowship that are driven by BBQ. When his mom passed, the #BBQ community came to his side and helped him get through the difficult time. Like me, Smokey Cue also enjoys making great BBQ for his church and he also shares his smoking & grilling  talents with his co-workers.

Johnny has competed in BBQ events and when he’s not making great food stateside, he can be found grilling and smoking abroad in Australia. We discussed his fondness for #Yoder smokers as well as some of his other smokers. If a cooker can hold temperature and impart smoke flavor, then Smokey Cue can master it. 

We cover these topics and more in the podcast including his fondness for @NeilSarap (Instagram) BBQ rubs. @smokeycue can also be found on TikTok and YouTube. 

Get a jumpstart on your new BBQ journey! Visit and I will share a short video that explains the 5 things that you SHOULD NOT DO when barbecuing. It will make learning how to BBQ much easier!

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