This clip was taken from the first BBQ session live streamed from my new BBQ Starter Club. I smoked beef short ribs with my Lone Star Grillz 20×42″ offset smoker. We talked about the process for preparing and smoking the ribs and at one point, the discussion turned to the things to do (and not do) when smoking with a stick burner and how to gauge whether the smoke that is flavoring your meat is clean or dirty.

This is an example of the experiences that you will enjoy with other backyard BBQ enthusiasts who also love talking about and sharing their love of BBQ! 

Benefits Of Joining The Club:

  • A private virtual forum dedicated entirely to BBQ (recipes, grills/smokers, accessories, hot topics, etc.)
  • Members only live stream cooking sessions
  • Videos and digital resources
  • All VIP perks (as the community grows, so do your benefits)

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