Host Kenyatta Robinson welcomes his wife Jeannine to the new podcast and invites her and the live stream audience to ask questions on anything and everything related to BBQ.

Kenyatta answered questions on the following topics:

  • Favorite grill to cook with
  • Worst cooking experience
  • The challenges of cooking with stick burners
  • Lone Star Grillz 20″ Offset Smokers
  • Making your own bacon (click the link below to watch the video)
  • Kenyatta’s favorite smoking woods
  • Kenyatta’s favorite BBQ rubs
  • Thoughts on pellet grills; their smoke flavor and ability to have a smoke ring
  • Kenyatta’s BBQ bucket list – buying another expensive offset smoker; smoking a whole hog or suckling pig; visiting BBQ joints in Texas and one of Rodney Scott’s restaurants

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