We're putting Smokin' Pecan pellets to the test against traditional pecan pellets. Can these 100% pecan shell pellets elevate your grilling game? Smokin' Pecan says their pellets produce a robust flavor that works wonders on everything from beef to veggies, but how do they really stack up against household names like Traeger?

In today's comparison, Kenyatta not only examines the color and quality of the pellets but also conducts a taste test to reveal if there truly is a notable difference in flavor between the two products.

👉 Don't miss the side-by-side cook-off: Smokin' Pecan's pellets made from pecan shells vs. the traditional blends that comprise the pellets from most brands. Experience the Smoke-off and find out if Smokin' Pecan's patent-pending formula brings that extra edge to your BBQ.

▶️ Watch now and decide for yourself if Smokin' Pecan's pellets are worth a look.

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